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October 2019 - Building wealth in diversity, The full nest, living with adult children, Caring for family with a will.

September 2019 - Pensions to rise as deeming rates fall, How super is your life insurance, Changing the narrative to achieve success.

August 2019 - Is the tide turning on the property market?, Where is the best place to stash your cash, Working together to combat burnout.

July 2019 - Time for an annual tune-up?, Making the most of falling interest rates, 3 ways to lift retirement income.

June 2019 - Election 2019: A vote for continuity in an uncertain world, Keeping up with the Joneses, Paving the way for a smooth EOFY.

May 2019 - How to spot a scam, How much super is enough?, Artificial Intelligence: the future of finance.

April 2019 - What will the budget mean to you?, The mental mechanics of procrastination, Franking credits on the chopping board.

March 2019 - How to keep ahead of the yield curve, Making the most of a windfall, Navigating love & money.

February 2019 - Media curation in the digital age, How to speak "real estatese", Don't short-change your medium-term goals.

January 2019 - 2018 Year, Financial rules to live by in 2019, Small steps add up.

December 2018 - Avoiding the holiday debt hangover, Protecting your family, Can you afford your dream retirement?

November 2018 - Is food delivery eating into your budget?, Benefits of super long engagement, Housing prices off the boil.

September 2018 - Plugging in to technology stocks, Young invincibes: the importance of insurance, Lessons from the rich list.

August 2018 - Fired up for financial independence, Making the most of a falling Aussie dollar, Is your money personality set in stone?

July 2018 - Have oil prices peaked?, Super & inheritance: making your wishes known, A little adrenaline can be a good thing.

June 2018 - Are you good to go for the new financial year?, Budget changes support a brighter retirement, Helping you find your financial path.

May 2018 - What will the Budget mean to you?, Downsizing is it right for you?, Tackling financial stress.

April 2018 - Articles: Franking dividends facing the...chop, It's time to talk about debt, Cultivating a growth mindset.

March 2018 - Articles: Weighing up the value of life insurance, Home & away with super, How Blockchain is already changing your world.

February 2018 - Articles: The golden rules of investing, Transition to Retirement still a smart move, Turn your passion into your profession.

January 2018 - Articles: 2017 Year in review, Investing to achieve your goals, See yourself successful.

December 2017 - Articles: Separating needs from wants, Opportunities in the cooling property market, Music to your ears.

November 2017 - Articles: Homing in on a happy retirement, Lessons from the GFC 10 year on, Embracing spontaneity.

October 2017 - Articles: Introducing the new smart(er/?) home, Retirement villages: Look beyond the brochure, Counting the cost of education.

September 2017 - Articles: How to be prepared for climbing interest rates, Life insurance inside or outside super?, The lost art of conversation.

August 2017 - Articles: Home ownership in the spotlight, The risky business of cryptocurrency investment, What's really holding you back from your goals?

July 2017 - Articles: Time to review Transition to Retirement Pensions, Global markets navigate a sea of uncertainty, Technology to get you moving.

June 2017 - Articles: Get your financial house in order, An insurance lifeline when you need it most, Escape the winter blues without breaking the bank.

April 2017 - Articles: Australia still punching above its weight, Greater choice in home care, Delayed gratification: are you too soft on yourself?

March 2017 - Articles: Countdown to super deadline, Honest the best policy with life insurance, Learning from little ones.

February 2017 - Articles: Achieving your dream of early retirement, Beware of pension pressure, Fast track your home loan.

​​January 2017 - Articles: Counting the cost of education, 2016 Year in review - A global seachange, Getting your balance right in 2017.

December 2016 - Articles: How to play the trump card, Taking the guess work out of gifting, Count your blessings.

November 2016 - Articles: Saving for retirement - the big picture, The rise of robots, Aged care changes and the family home.

October 2016 - Articles: Affluenza - Are you afflicted?, Super gets a makeover again, Chasing yield in a low interest rate world.

September 2016 - Articles: Ethical Investing - from backwater to mainstream, Running for cover, Budget your way into the black.

August 2016 - Articles: The fear factor - Getting out of your comfort zone, Focus on Australia's credit rating, Property - Rent, buy or invest.

July 2016 - Articles: Self worth = net worth, Australian growth resilient in tough times, Wealth transfer is a family matter.

June 2016 - Articles: End of Financial Year checklist, Managing big life changes, Super shake up on the way.

April 2016 - Articles: A new era for dividends, The changing face of DIY Super, Making time for downtime.

March 2016 - Articles: Profiting from cheap oil, Have your kids got it covered?, Beat the information overload.

January 2016 - Articles: Love and money - maintaining financial harmony, Cast your financial safety net, Shaking things up - the business disruptors.

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Federal Budget 2019/20

Federal Budget 2018/19

Federal Budget 2017/18

Federal Budget 2016/17

Federal Budget 2015/16

Prepare For Life Newsletter (click to read)

Issue 34 - Buy Now, Pay Later, Loans and Encumbrances - A Pension Minefield, The Eighth Wonder of the World, Insurance - Protecting what you have

Issue 33 - Paying it forward, Goal-based Risk, Claiming an age pension.

Issue 31 - Are Australians having a personal debt crisis?, Long term investment philosophy, Pensioner or seniors concession card?

Issue 30 - Are you prepared?, Determining the value of financial advice in the wake of the royal commission, Relationship breakdowns - splitting super

Issue 29 - Switching or consolidating super funds can be a very risky business, Downsizing - making extra contributions to super, Golden oldie.

Issue 28 - Christmas - A time of reflection and renewal, Using super to buy your first home, Should I consolidate my super?

Issue 27 - Could selfies be your passport to healthier insurance?, Does 'transition to retirement' still work?, Housing Affordability - is it a crisis?

Issue 26 - Is that on Paypass?.... Technology is wonderful, isn't it?, Federal budget review, A 'super' new financial year.

Issue 25 - Do happier people live longer?, Do the super changes affect me?, Aged care - not that easy!

Issue 24 - On the brink of another shake up, Don't ignore super till it's too late, Christmas: an increase in cheer and a decrease in funds.

Issue 23 - Spring clean your Age Pension, Finding the best cover, Don't gamble with your life.

Issue 22 - Change is as good as a holiday, Getting assistance at home, Managing money made easy, Are you keeping up?

Issue 21 - Getting your personal finances under control, Is superannuation a flawed retirement strategy?, Are you retirement ready?, Tech tips.

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Magellan Global - Annual Investor Report 2017

Rare Infrastructure - Monthly Insights - June 2017

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