At Citadel Wealth Solutions, we make a commitment to all our clients that we will provide the most comprehensive and accurate advice possible, striving to ensure that our clients can steadily work towards achieving their financial goals safe in the knowledge that their assets are in capable hands.

As part of this commitment, we promise to:

Always Play By The Book - We will always ensure that you understand your options, know your rights, and invest your money in a way that makes sense to you. We go above and beyond all requirements in the Financial Services Guide

Act as Guardians of Your Information - We will safeguard your information, keeping your confidentiality and your trust. Our commitment is laid out in this Privacy Policy

Live Up to Your Expectations - We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and will always work hard to win your confidence. If you ever feel that we could improve our game, please feel free to use this Complaints Procedure

Provide You with Detailed, Pertinent Advice - The best financial advice is never overheard or read in the papers, but is instead the result of a studied understanding of where you are in life, and where you want to go. Our advisers tailor all advice to the individual, and we pride ourselves on this personalized approach.

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General Advice Disclaimer:

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